Snickers Paytm Cashback Offer : Rs.5/Rs.10 Cashback On Each Snickers Pack.

Snickers Free Paytm Offer.


Paytm Cashback On Snickers Chocolate : Redeem Snickers Codes.


1. Buy Snickers Rs.20/40 Pack From Your Narest Store / Retailer . [Buy New Pack In Which Paytm Offer Listed] Or Buy Online From Zepto And Get 25% Off Using Code : CLICK HERE

2. Enjoy The Snickers And Get Your “Cash Code” Printed Inside The Packet.

3. SMS Below Message To Get Redeem Link Of Snickers :


SNICKERS to 7036186000

5. You Will Get Link In SMS Or Use direct Link : CLICK HERE

6. Boom ! You Get Rs.5/10 Cash As Per Pack In Linked Bank Account Using UPI System.

8. Offer Valid Till 31st April 2022.

How to Participate:

To participate in the Program, Participants are required to send an SMS:

  • I. As a first step, Participants are required to send a SMS from any GSM or CDMA mobile phone in below format: –
    SNICKERS to 7036186000
  • II. After sending SMS in a valid format, Participant to receive a sms with a participation link.
    • a. Find a unique code inside Snickers pack.
    • b. Enter Name, Mobile Number, unique code & click on validate.
    • c. Upon successful validation, Participant to fill details on the form & submit to get the reward.
    • d. The cashback reward options to be in form of NEFT/UPI/E-wallet code.III. Participant to click on the link & complete below steps
  • IV. 1 unique code can be redeemed only once during Promo Period. A Code shall only be valid for one-time participation.
  • V. In case a Participant chooses UPI as an option, Participant need toenter valid & correct UPI id. In case a Participant chooses NEFT as
    an option, Participant needs to enter IFSC code, Bank Name, Account
    number etc.
  • VI. Within 2 working days (excluding bank holidays, Saturday and Sunday)from the date of filling the correct details winner shall receive their
    reward. In case details entered by participant are incorrect, MARS
    INTERNATIONAL INDIA PVTLTD./its agency shall have no responsibility
    and/or obligation to grant the said prize and requests for change of
    such details, if any, shall be the sole discretion of MARS INTERNATIONAL
    the right to NOT declare any replacement winner in lieu of all such
    winners entering wrong details.
  • VII. Selection of Winner shall be subject to fulfilment of all terms and conditions of the Program.

The Program is valid only in India from 01/01/2022 to 30/04/2022 (herein after referred as “Program Period”). The Program is valid throughout India. The Program is open to Citizens of India only.

During the Program Period, cashback of Rs 5 & Rs 10 shall be given on purchase of Snickers MRP ₹20 & ₹45 respectively by participating with unique code. Consumer will have an option to get cashback in form of bank transfer, Paytm cashback code & Amazon Pay code.

The Program period starts from 1st January 2022 and shall be valid till 30th April 2022 (both days included). If the customer has bought a packbbefore 1st January 2022, then customer will not be eligible for participation in the Program until the start of Program Period (1st January 2022). All participation prior to the Program Period and after the end date of the Program Period will be considered as ineligible.

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