(Over) 🔥Play Pictorama Swiggy Game & Win Voucher + Swiggy Super Membership At Rs.1.

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Play Pictorama Swiggy Game & Win Voucher + Swiggy Super Membership At Rs.1 :

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You need to be an active Swiggy member to play Super PitctureIt Game, during the effective period that is from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM on 23rd & 24th October 2019 and it will have 5 levels, the person who finishes all 5 levels in minimum time will be chosen as the final winner.

Winners will be chosen under the following criteria: 

5000 participants who cross-level one – Free Super membership for Re.1

Fastest thousand participants to finish the game will win Swiggy Vouchers, the breakdown below:


The details of the contest are:

Platform: Microsite

Contest communication will be shared via email, social and digital ads

Contest details: The game is based on the concept of connecting the dots by finding an optimized path from the source to the destination.

Announcement: As the participants who finish the level, he/she will be notified on a real-time basis.

Gratification: All coupon codes will be shared with the winner within 5 working days

SUPER memberships being offered at Re.1 will be available with users who aren’t SUPER at the time of contest within 5 working days. For those who have an active SUPER plan, the Re.1 plan will be available when the current plan expires or within 5 working days (whichever comes earlier)


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