Pharmeasy Diabetes 360 Program Membership For Rs.1.

Pharmeasy Diabetes 360 Program Membership Free.

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Pharmeasy Diabetes 360 Program [Early Access @ Re.1]

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2 Diabetes Test Packages ₹1000

Super Savings on Diabetes Medicines ₹12002

Consultations by a Senior Diabetologist ₹1000

FREE Sarva Yoga Membership for 3 months ₹999

Customised Diet Plan by a Nutritionist ₹500

3-month PharmEasy Plus membership ₹599

Total Program Price ₹5298  @ ₹1

Eligibility Criteria

You are above 18, and below the age of 75 years

You are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-diabetes

You are not planning a pregnancy in the next 3 months or are not an expecting or a nursing mother.

You are able to perform activities of daily living independently.

You are not on dialysis and are not diagnosed with any serious mental health conditions.

You are not being treated for cancer currently and have not undergone any major surgery within the last 3 months

You do not have any health conditions other than blood pressure, cholesterol and early-stage chronic kidney disease.

You don’t have any history of a heart-related event such as a heart attack/stroke in the last 3 months.

You don’t have any medical condition/complication that prevents you from making the most of the care management program.


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