Good Day Learn From Home Win Laptop Every Hour Offer Lot Number Added.

Good Day Learn From Home Win Laptop Every Hour Offer.

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Good Day Win Laptop Offer – How To Participate & Win Prizes :


Step 1: Buy Good Day Butter 75G (53+22G)/Good Day Butter 83G (53+30G)/Good Day Butter 38G (27.5+10.5)/Good Day Butter 200G/Good Day Butter 250G (200+50G)/Good Day Cashew 60G (53+7)/Good Day Cashew 68G (53+15)/Good Day Cashew 120G (100+20G)/Good Day Cashew 200G/Good Day Cashew 250G (200+50G)/Good Day Pista Badam 53G (45+8G)/Good Day Pista Badam 200G and find the LOT No. on the back of the pack near the manufacturing date.

Step 2: SMS the LOT No. to 87224 87224.

Step 3: (Only for Tamil Nadu customers): You will be required to send another SMS i.e., GD<space>I love Good Day because…<your answer> to further register in the contest.

Step 4: Your participation acknowledgement will be sent via SMS. If you are declared a winner, you will be notified by our representative.

Leaked LOT Numbers Of Good Day :

SMS : A122095 Sent to 8722487224


57 thoughts on “Good Day Learn From Home Win Laptop Every Hour Offer Lot Number Added.

  1. योगिता says:

    आम्ही आमचा लोट नंबर टाकलेला आहे आम्हाला अजून लॅपटॉप का नाही मिळाला आम्हाला कधी लॅपटॉप मिळणार आहे

  2. Poonam says:

    I also want a laptop for my classes and in my computer classes they want my school to dress me as a coder. I am now becoming a coder from my tab. Coding is only possible in laptops and personal computers.

  3. S.Ishwaran says:

    GD I love goodday because it very tasty and sweety because cashew
    my adress 24 keezha sannathi street srimushnam tamil nadu
    my lot no.B01219C
    please send laptop online classes.


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