(Proof Added) Dr. Vaidya Coupon Codes : Get Dr. Vaidya’s Herbal Hand Sanitizer 200 ml X 3 = 600ml At Rs.70 Only Effective After Paytm Cashback.

Dr. Vaidya Coupon Codes.

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Dr. Vaidya Discount Code : Dr. Vaidya’s Herbal Hand Sanitizer 200 ml X 3 = 600ml At Rs.70 Only Effective After Paytm Cashback.

Create New OneCode Account For Rs. 25 Joining : CLICK HERE

Use Paytm Registered Number While Sign Up As You Will Get Your Earnings In Paytm.

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Add One Quantity (200 ml X 3) Sanitizer To Cart – You Will See Price Rs.300 – Additional Discount Rs.30 Automatically = Rs.270

Now Under Have A Coupon? Apply Your Own OneCode For 15% Off (Example one@offerofworld)

Now For Code Coupon : one@offerofworld You Will Get Extra Rs.45 Off So, Final Price Rs.225 + Free Shipping.

Pay That Rs.225 Via Paytm Or Any Online Payment Method.

Calculation : You Got (200 ml X 3 Sanitizer In One Order) = 600ml Of Sanitizer.

Total Amount Paid : (Rs.225 For One Order).

You Will Get Cashback Worth Rs.80 In Paytm For Each Order.

You Will Get Extra Rs.50 Cashback On Each Order Till 10th Order Under Monthly Reward.

So, Now Final Calculation : Paid Rs.225 – Got Rs.25 Joining Bonus For New Account – Rs.80 For Using Your Own Code one@offerofworld – Rs.50 For Monthly Rewards = Rs.70 Effective Price Means Rs.23 Each Bottle.

You Can Buy 9 More Times Repeating Same Steps But For Rest Order Cost Rs.225- Rs.80- Rs.50 = Rs.95 Means Rs.32 Each.(Still Cheaper Then Other Brand Sanitizer)

You Will Get All Cashback Within One Month After Delivery Of Items In Registered Paytm Account Automatically.

OneCode Terms And Condition :

Instant discount your friend will get after applying your OneCode on Dr.Vaidyas Flat 15%

Money you’ll earn in your PayTM wallet after purchase completion

Flat Rs. 150, if transaction amount is above Rs.501

Flat Rs. 80, if transaction amount is above Rs.200

Applicable for all users (new and existing).

Applicable on minimum amount of Rs. 200

Any user who doesn’t complete the payment procedure for the transactions on Dr Vaidyas will not receive the commission amount

You get in your PayTM wallet flat Rs. 150/- if transaction amount is above Rs.500

You get in your PayTM wallet flat Rs.80/- if transaction amount is above Rs.200

Your friend gets a flat 15% instant discount after applying your OneCode.

Transaction amount(payable amount) is excluding of all external charges

Your friend needs to apply your OneCode in Apply Promo Code Section on the checkout screen.

Your money will reflect in your OneCode’s account up to 48 hours after the product is delivered successfully.

You will get money in your paytm wallet as soon as the refund period is over.

About Herbal Hand Sanitizer :

Net Quantity: 200ml X 3

Directions to Use: Take 5-7 drops of the liquid in your hand. Rub well on hands, back of hands, fingers, fingertips and grooves until dry.

Dr. Vaidya’s HerboCleanse Plus is a herbal hand sanitizer that helps to cleanse and disinfect naturally. It has been formulated with herbal extracts and ingredients such as nagarmotha, tulsi, neem, and aloe vera. These herbs are renowned for their antiseptic properties making them effective as natural sanitizers and disinfectants.

Proof : 

I Already Got Delivery And Will Get Paytm Cashback By 25th June. Check Items Pic And Cashback Approved Screenshot Below.

I Already Sold 4 Quantity To Local Buddies So, Only 11 Available In Pic 😛

Received Cashback 25th June : Rs. 766.14.


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