Amazon Kitkat Offer : Get Rs.10 Amazon Voucher Free With Rs.10 Kitkat Pack.

Kitkat Amazon Offer.

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Amazon Kitkat Offer : Buy Kitkat Worth Rs.10 & Get Rs.10 Amazon Code.

1. Visit Your Local Store And Super Maket Like Big Bazaar Etc And Buy New Kitkat Pack With Rs.10 On Rs.10 Amazon Offer.

2. Now Enjoy The Kitkat And Message Code Which Is Given Back On The Pack On Below Number.

SMS KITKAT <Space> Unique Code To 9902391200

Example If Your Code Is : 123456789 Then SMS : KITKAT <Space> 123456789 Ans Send It To 9902391200.

3. In Replay You Will Get Amazon Gift Voucher Now Read Below How To Add That Voucher To Amazon Account.

How To Add Amazon Kitkat Voucher Codes To Amazon Account :

The procedure for adding the unique 17 digit alphanumeric code received through
SMS after participation in KITKAT Amazon Pay offer to your account is as detailed
below :

1. For Amazon Website And Login Old Account Or Sign Up New Account  If Don’t Have : CLICK HERE

2. Visit Here To Add That Code To Amazon Account : CLICK HERE

3. Enter The Unique 17 Digit Alphanumeric Code And Click On ‘Add To Your Balance’.

4. Voucher Applicable 3 Times Per Amazon Account.

5. The promotion is valid from 1 st September to 31st October 2019 (both days inclusive).



1. Is there a Consumer Offer on KIT KAT? / What is the offer about? OR I saw an ad about KIT KAT Amazon Pay Promo. Can you please share more details?

Yes, there is a Consumer offer, which is: The Participants get to win Rs. 10 Amazon Pay Balance on purchase of KIT KAT 2 Fingers (13.2g) packs by following the steps to participate mentioned on the pack. The packs must have the offer mentioned on the front of the pack.

2. Is this promotion available on all packs of KIT KAT?

No, this promotion is only applicable on select packs of KIT KAT 2 Fingers (Rs. 10, (13.2g)). This will be applicable only on the packs, which have the promotion communication on pack and not applicable for the KIT KAT stocks which do not have promotion communication on the front of pack as stocks may be available without this offer.

3. What is the promotion period?

The promotion is valid from 1 st September to 31st October 2019 (both days inclusive).

4. What is the process of availing this offer?

On purchase of KIT KAT 2 Fingers promotion pack, participants will find a 9 digit unique alphanumeric code written inside the wrapper. Participants can SMS this unique code to 9902391200 in the prescribed format (“KITKAT UNIQUE CODE”) mentioned on side panel of pack to avail the Amazon Pay Voucher. For E.g.-If the unique code is 123456789 the format to send the SMS will be “KITKAT 123456789”

5. How many times can I avail the Amazon Pay voucher?

A consumer can avail the Amazon Pay voucher thrice during the promotion period with fresh unique codes.

6. Is the promotion valid throughout India?

Promotion is valid in all states in India.

7. Can I buy as many KIT KAT promo packs as possible and participate with each of the unique code mentioned inside wrapper of these packs?

A consumer can participate thrice with different unique codes mentioned inside each promo packs of KIT KAT 2 Fingers. However, 1 unique code can be used to avail the Amazon pay voucher only once.

8. I bought a KIT Kat promotion pack before 1st September 2019. Am I eligible to participate in the promotion?

The promotion period starts from 1st September 2019 and is till 31st October 2019. If you have participated using the unique code before 1st September 2019 you will not be eligible for participation in the promotion. However, you can use the unique code inside the wrapper to participate any day from the start of promo period (1 st September 2019) till end of promo period (31st October 2019).

9. Can I participate in the promotion on Weekends or public holidays?

Yes. You can participate in the promotion using the unique codes on weekends and public holidays during the promotion period. Participation is valid only between 1 st September to 31st October 2019.

10. Can the Amazon Pay Voucher be redeemed across India?

Promotion is valid in all states in India.

11. If I am not able to read the unique code inside the wrapper what should I do? OR If I have a query on the promotion what should I do?

Please contact us at the phone number: 1800 103 1947 for any queries regarding the promotion.

12. I have purchased KIT KAT 2F Mini (Rs. 10, 13.2g). It does not have a code. Why?

There may be plain stocks without Amazon pay promotion also available in the market. Promotion is valid only on those packs which will have a promo flash on the front of pack.

13. I have 2 phone numbers can I participate using both the phone numbers?

Yes. You can participate using both the phone numbers. However, the Amazon pay voucher can be availed basis unique code only. Once a unique codes is sent for participation, the same will not be entertained for participation again.


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