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Hello Everyone, Join OFFER OF WORLD Whatsapp & Telegram Broadcast Chanel And Get Steal Deal, Loot Deal And Price Error Alerts Instantly.

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Note : Its Broadcast NOT Group So, Even Girls Can Join. Your Privacy Is Save Here. Only We Can See Your Number, DP Etc. So, No Chance Of Spam 😀

To Get Our Alerts, Simply Send WhatsApp Message ADD ME  To 8981634416 . 


Now It Depends On #Lazy Me When Will I Save Your Number And Add It To Alerts. Thanks!




03/08/2017 : 2,000+

02/03/2018 : 3,200+

06/05/2018 : 4,200+

25/06/2018 : 5,100+

12/08/2018 : 6,200+

01/10/2018 : 7,700+

31/10/2018 : 10,000+

28/07/2019 : 22,000+

Benefits After Joining Our WhatsApp Broadcast :

Also Read Benefits Of Joining Telegram Broadcast Below (Scroll Down).

You Will Receive:-

  • Best Deals
  • Latest Deals
  • Daily Discount Deals
  • Top Offers
  • Latest Tricks
  • Recharge Offers
  • Earning Apps

Instruction : –

==> Don’t Call On WhatsApp ( Serving More Than 7000 Members. So, Plz Help Us To Serve You Better ) Calling On Whatsapp = BLOCK.

==> Drop Message, When You Need Some Urgent Help.

==> We Only Post Loot Deals & Trending Deals ( Might Get Out Of Stock In Few Minutes ), So Avoid Knowing Us.

==> Visit Our Blog And Join OFFER OF WORLD Facebook Group For Regular Deals And 24×7 Help.

==> We Don’t Have Any WhatsApp Group.

Benefits After Joining Our Telegram Broadcast (Better Than Whatsapp) :

Joining Link : (Search @offerofworld)

==> Most IMP Thing – Privacy – Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.

==> We can Add Unlimited Members In Our Telegram Channel + Telegram Don’t store Our Data in Our Mobile Internal Storage

==>Through Our OFFER OF WORLD Bot – You Will Receive instant Notification Of loot after We post on blog

==> Blazing Fast Speed – Once We Post Something On Blog All Telegram Subscribers Will Instantly Get Notification Of it (No More Hanging Problem)

==> Telegram is Easy to Operate , No One Can miss use Your Number , No More Data Theft Problem as Telegram Don’t Store Data (as it is cloud Based App)

There are Numerous Reasons & Benefits Of Telegram Feature That Force You To Join Telegram Push Notifications Service. If You Really Don’t Wants Miss Few Seconds Loots 😀

Joining Link : (Search @offerofworld)

1st Of All– We have More Then 7000+ Users In Whatsapp Brodcast ( 28 Broadcast List) We have To Send 1 Message In Every Group One By One & it Takes Around 15-20 Minute Till Deal/loot Goes Out of Stock Or gets Over

2nd – Whatsapp Broadcast is Like Personal Chat. 1 Deal Message i Sent to 20000 Users Will Store 20000 Times in My Phone Memory

3rd – Even 8 GB RAM OnePlus 6 is Not able to Handle The Processes of Whatsapp Broadcast to 7000 Peoples

4th – Whatsapp Takes 10-15 Minutes To Open The App & Show 7k Users

5th – Most Users Are Replying Back to Our Broadcast Message & Add Our Number into Different Groups Which leads to Huge Processing of Opening App


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  1. Shashi Jyotima says:

    I am always trying to apply all code in foodpanda, but got the message “this code is expired on xx or you dont have this coupon”
    Even i refer this to my friends they are also failed to apply new customer code for desserts

    • OFFER WORLD says:

      1st Of All This Is Not Foodpanda Post. So, Comment Only On Related Articles Comments Section. Answer : Your Account And Device Are Blocked By Foodpanda For Applying Codes & For Date Error You Trying After Expiry Not On Time When Posted As I Apply All Codes Personally Then Post Here.

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