Flipkart The Great India Dance Off 25th September Answers : Win Assured Gift Voucher Or Supercoin.

Flipkart The Great India Dance Off Answers.

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Flipkart The Great Dance Off Game Answers : 25th September 2020.

Steps :

Download Or Update Flipkart App : CLICK HERE

Open Flipkart App.

Go To Video Tab.

Click On The Great Dance Off Banner : CLICK HERE

Flipkart Video Rewards : Play Flipkart Video Presents The Great Dance Off And Win Assured Rewards.

1. Rs.2000 Gift Vouchers For 50 Winners.

2. Rs.50 Gift Vouchers For 1000 Winners.

3.  Supercoins For Remaining Winners.

Answers Of Flipkart The Great Dance Off Quiz : Win Assured Gift Voucher Or Supercoin.

Required 12 Minutes As You Need To Watch A Video For Playing Quiz As Quiz In The Video.

Poll Link : https://twitter.com/offerofworld/status/1309205829564932096

Select Answer According To Poll For Better Chance Of Winning.

Question 1. Rate Arundhati’s Performance

Answer : 1-5 (Answer As Per Poll : )

Question 2. Rate Anurag’s Performance

Answer : 1-5. (Answer As Per Poll : )

Question 3. Who do you think will win today ?

Answer : 1) Arundhati 2) Anurag (Answer As Per Poll : )

Details of the Contest

>The Great India Dance Off is a talent based game show where two participants will perform in each episode, the User will have to rate the performance of each of the Participants via input slider

After individual performances , the participants will be performing in a dance off, the Users will have then select who they think will win that particular episode

The results will be available to the users who have completed the quiz, next day 9 am

Users can change their preferred prediction by re- attempting the questions (same will be the case if they’ve missed answering a particular question) anytime during the episode window period (24hrs)

> The Participant with maximum votes will win that particular episode, and all those Users who have voted for the winning participants will be declared as winners


10 thoughts on “Flipkart The Great India Dance Off 25th September Answers : Win Assured Gift Voucher Or Supercoin.

  1. Sagar Singh says:

    You are giving poll for yesterday’s contest, today competition is between Anurag and Sadwi, poll which you gave is for yesterday one, and answer is 5,4 and Arundhati, please give poll for today’s contest.

  2. Salman kazi says:

    Brother good job. . Please provide answer for dance off episodes.. . Apki mehnat se maine kafi saare products and vouchers win kiye.. superb work . . God bless you brother. . .


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